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The brave and greedy Jaegers met in front of the guild hall for a convenient landmark, having largely finished meeting the various merchants and smiths. The business of the day must be decided.

The Baron cleared his throat and stood up on a soap box as to appear taller. "Ladies and gentlemen of this glorious army. I have travelled far and wide across this vast land, risking much in my travels to bring riches back to the scenic, yet diabolical nation of Fruitsylvania! But do you think a mere giant smelly bird sates my desire for adventure? I say thee nay! I intend to find the deepest, most dangerous, yet most profitable location and plunder its many wealths! What say you, fellow jaegers? Will you not join me in punching the entirety of the depths of the Shift for riches?"

Phyrra hopped around. "I will, I will!"

Ithelis just shrugged. "Eh. Sure."

"I'm game, but..." Iris looked around at the people who comprised her 'party'. "Are we sure we're able to go in and come back out with our lives AND treasure?"

"Loser talk, Bast. You won't get shit done if you go around with that attitude."

Phyrra dismissed Iris' concerns as well. "As long as something dumb like saving the world doesn't get in the way we'll be fiiiiine."

"Well as it stands, I think we need authorization from the guild to even get INTO the Shift," said the Bast.

"Oh, please, like that will ever be a thing that comes up around here," the Baron said of Phyrra's comment, self-assured.

Ithelis nodded in agreement. "Fuck the world. Treasure."

Phyrra pumped a fist into the air. "Treasure and food!"

"Yeah, she has the right idea." The halfling's hangover had subsided, leaving Ithelis' mood more chipper. Well, chipper in terms of him at least.

"So," the Baron said, scratching at what he thinks is a mighty beard underneath his chin, "You're saying we'd need the guild's permission, huh? We could ask them. Politely." The Baron was glancing at Ithelis when he said that last word.

Phyrra grinned. "If not, I'm sure they can be....PERSUADED."

Ithelis stuck out his tongue. Blehhh! "Intimidation's funner. But finneeee, fruit man."

"It's fun, but intimidate too many people in the guild and too many doors become closed to you," the Baron explained.

Iris nodded and added, "Or send us on missions of no return."

"That's the point when they actually just beat you to death with the door itself."

Ithelis threw up his hands. "FINE FINE. Nice it is"

"Only if they're nice!" piped Phyrra.

Having decided on a course of action, they entered the guild house. At the counter was the lass from yesterday, munching on some sort of fruit. It might be an apple. Seeing them enter, she looked up from her meal and nodded. "'Morning to you, Jaegers. Interested in more contracts?"

Phyrra's eyes honed in on delicious fruit, but she behaved. "Yes!"

Ithelis began to attempt what is a smile but stopped, as what he was putting out was surely some mangled attempt. "Yes." Being nice is hard.

The Baron tried his best to ignore the fruit homicide taking place before him, speaking to the lass with a barely contained annoyance. "Yes. Do you have anything regarding the Shift?"

"My friends here are interested in the Shift, any contracts that might lead us that direction?"

Ithelis grunted. "And this time, no fucking birds."

"Something tastier!" said Phyrra, still looking at the lass' food.

"Eh? Shift?" The counter worker blinked, not sure she heard them correctly. "Uhm, not really. We don't have any confirmed Shift areas around here. There's something that might be, southward of here, but no one's gone out to check on it. I suppose you could, buuuut..." she trailed off. Setting her apple down and reaching below the counter, she set a few forms on the table. "I'll want you all to sign and date these forms before you go."

Ithelis eyeballed them. "What are these forms for. I'm not signing shit until I know what it's for."

"I imagine that they're agreements that absolve the guild of anything that happens to us," noted the Baron, looking them over.

Phyrra looked at hers. "Maybe a job that'll bring us closer to the next town in that direction, hnnn..."

Ithelis grinned darkly. "Watching you, woman. No bullshit quests."

"Well, the forms are just there so we know when you head out. We've never heard of anyone going missing for any length of time and returning, but this way we'll know if something weird happens between now and your return. Like I said, it's never happened that we know of, but some academics like us to do this for some kinda study purposes," she explained.

"Very well then," the Baron said. He signed the document as "Baron Reginald Theodore von Blackberry the Third" in girly cursive.

"Is it possible that, should we end up in another town, that we'd be able to report to the guildhouse there to collect our reward?" Then, almost out of nowhere, Iris exclaims, "Your first name is Reginald?! I thought you were just 'Baron!'"

Placated at the fact that it was not more fucking birds, Ithelis signed his name, too. Sadly his writing was naught but chicken scratch, especially compared to the Baron's, but you could make out his name at least.

"Baron is my title," the noble explained. "It's actually ancient Fruitsylvanian for 'God King Emperor of Fruitsylvania'."

"Buuuh..." Phyrra concentrated as she wrote in 'Phyrra Meese, of the prestigious Meese clan of the Dezo Mountains'. She started dotting her i's with hearts.

"But...there is no reward from the guild for this, no contract. It's important to know, but Shift moves so erratically we can't afford to pay constant scouting ventures like that," the worker said, frowning. "I mean, you certainly stand to gather good salvage and profit from that, but we don't have anything specific for this region."

Ithelis' face darkened at the Urgan's title on the paper. Mountain folk. So up themselves.

Phyrra continued talking, mostly to herself, of other well paying job possibilities. "Maybe something profitable? Bodyguards to some rich old fart whose gone senile?"

"So, it's a risk," the Baron said. "I like risks."

Signing her name along with the others, Iris continued. "Still, it would be easier to report to another city's guildhouse if it was closer. Not necessarily for reward, but I'm sure other Jaegars would benefit from the knowledge we might obtain on this venture."

Ithelis grumped. "Why should we care for them, is the question. Who cares if it's knowledge that other Jaegers might obtain from this. If they wanted it they shoulda damn well gone themselves. Whatever's faster."

The lass reached below the counter for another paper. "Well, if you want to go to a new town on a contract, the merchant Cain Norwin is hiring some guards for a small caravan to Landon, northwest of here."

"How much is he payin'?" Phyrra looked up, assertive. "Something worth our time I hope."

"I'm rather certain we're good exploring this area." Iris then turned to Ithelis. "The more knowledge they have, the more missions we can do involving this. Missions means money. MONEY. GOOD."

<Treasure is better>, Phyrra thinks to herself. <More comfortable to sleep on, too.>

Ithelis's hand twitched. The idea of beating off the Bast's head with his shield ran through his head and he savoured the fleeting idea. <Too messy though,> he sighed to himself.

The lass looked over her records as she spoke. "You'd receive a fee based on how long you travel with him and hazard pay if attacked. I believe he's offering...10 gold a day per person standard. But he's known to stay on the main roads, so it's really just a formality. Nothing usually happens on them."

"Easy money, then. I would appreciate that," the Baron said. "What say you guys?"

Ithelis shrugged. "You had me at money."

"Good with me!" chimed Iris.

"YES." Phyrra's tail wagged.

The Baron nodded. "Then yes, we can do that."

"According to the contract he's leaving tomorrow, so I'll keep passing it on in case other Jaegers are interested. Otherwise I'll send a message to let him know you will. All right?"

Ithelis chewed on his own lip thoughtfully. The time already that he's spent in this town is making him anxious, and to add to it, he's still painfully sore. Sleep couldn't come faster. "Sounds fine to me."

They all left the guild house and returned to the vendors' street. Some of the lunch stalls were opening early, and the breakfast stalls were marking down prices to sell their stock before it went bad. Phyrra was sniffing around, looking for what was either bad wine or good cheese, based on the smell.

Phyrra's nose led her to no success for her true goal, but a vendor with eggs fried and smashed between bread slices looked at her. "Hrrm...missy, you looking for a good meal?"

Her eyes glimmer. "Good and cheap, mister~!"

He eyed her and rubbed his chin. "Maybe we can work something out. I happen to have a bit of a surplus today, and it won't be good more than another hour or so. Normally these puppies are a gold apiece, but I'm willing to let you have two for three."

"How well do they hold up? Could I save some for a snack later or will I die?"

Ithelis shook his head, listening in. "It's egg so I'm going to say no."

"Maybe it's got lots of salt, you big dumb!"

Egg being Ithelis's least favourite food caused the hafling to wrinkle his nose. "Ugh. Its still egg. Looks like shit too. I wouldn't trust it"

The vendor ignored the half-Urgan, since he clearly wasn't going to buy. "Eh, it'll taste funky if you wait longer, but I doubt someone like you will get sick from it."

"Go for something better, seriously."

She ignored Ithelis out of spite. "I'll take it!" Phyrra slapped the coins down. It's a good deal and she needed the rations to last anyway~


The vendor nodded and sets down the appropriate number of sandwiches, giving Ithelis a quick glare.

Phyrra happily gobbled one down and then carefully put the other two in her pack for safe keeping. Perhaps the smell would deter some creatures. Tall ones, dressed in awful garb.

Ithelis narrowed his eyes back at the vendor, mouthing what probably is "I hate you" mixed with a lot of uncouth Urgan slang. Also at Phyrra. Fucketh thy both. Fucketh thy all.

Iris handed the vendor two coins. "I'll have some too, can't adventure on an empty stomach!"

He wrapped another trio of sandwiches, setting them down. "Wise Jaeger, aren't you?"

Ithelis grimaced. "More like fucking dumb. WHATEVER. Egg party. Yipee."

The Baron looked at Ithelis, knowing how much he was hating this... and then slapped down two coins himself. "I, too, shall take some."

Phyrra stomped down on Ith's foot and she enjoyed more of her sammich.

Ithelis felt like if he had another red crystal hed eat it again right now if it meant escaping these three.

"I've had my fair share of adventures in the past to know that I don't work well on empty" Iris took a bite out of one of the sandwiches.

Nodding, the vendor added yet another trio to the counter, for the Baron. "Where are you off to, if I may ask?"

"Offphhh tu helph some merchant guyyyy," Phyrra said, her table manners clearly needing some work, but having servants too scared to correct her.

<Openly chewing egg?? Oh may the Gods help me,> Ithelis cried mentally.

Phyrra looked at him with a SMIIIIIIIIIIILLLLE~

This was awful. An awful egg party. It was like hell. Egg hell. Ithelis glowered, living up to his family name of TI-TAHN. He felt like if he was any more angry and grossed out right now he might punt Phyrra into a wall. A big wall.

Iris finished the bite in her mouth before continuing Phyrra's explanation. "Specifically, we're gonna be escorting the merchant to Landon. We figured it'd be easy money"

"Oh? Escorting a merchant? Which one? I didn't think anyone here was going to pack up and head that way," the merchant said, rubbing his chin in thought.

Ithelis looked at the others blankly. "....Did we ever ask who?"

"Ca...caaa...cain? Some guy," Phyrra said, not relly trying to remember.

"Yeah that guy...I think. I dunno. Stop selling them egg."

Phyrra whispered. "Yes, every egg for free. All the eggs."

"Cain Norwin, I believe his name was," the Baron said.

"...WHY ARE WE GOING WITH HIM," demanded the half-Urgan, remembering the name clearly.

"Cain? Cain...Oh!" the merchant says, eyes lighting up when the Baron spoke. "Yeah, I heard of him. He's not a local. So he's got you lot escorting him?"


"Ignore him, he has a flair for the dramatic," the Baron said. "And yes, apparently so. We're quite capable, he should be in good hands."

The vendor nodded, eyeing Ithelis' reaction. "Well, if that's what he wants, I guess I wouldn't question it. Makes some sense around here, anyway."

"Oh? Why is that?" the Baron asked. "I'm not from around here myself."

Iris leaned in. "Actually, I don't think any of us are from around here. Mind filling us in?"

He leaned on the stand's shelf, crossing his arms. "Cegrove's a small town, so not many here could do much about it, but some of the other merchants have been having a hard time because of him. Anyone who sells or works with materials we can't get here finds themselves undercut by his merchants, since he can afford more than they can. So food vendors like me, who sell local stuff, we have no issues. But the 'adventuring suppliers' and smiths are feeling a squeeze from him moving in to the area. I'm sure it's all bluster," the vendor said, "but more than a couple have talked about resolving the situation over their drinks at night."

"I see...and his business, would you say it's...legitimate?" asked Phyrra, pausing in her egg consumption.

"Bluster or not, that sounds like something to be wary of. Might want to err on the side of caution with that one," the Baron said, once again fiddling with a beard that simply didn't exist.

The merchant shrugged. "So far as any of us know, it is. He's just a big name merchant lord with a hell of a support network for his vendors. So yeah, that's probably why he hired you."

Phyrra nodded, appeased. "Hmmm, well, I can't help but respect that. If that's the case!"

"Well I guess we'll be doing you guys a favor by getting him out of town," noted Iris.

Ithelis, calmed down from his eggstraordinary tantrum, simply stared at the Baron. Where is his beard.

The vendor shrugged. "Like I said, it's not affecting me. But yeah, there are some who would be eggstatic to have him gone."

Ithelis puffed up like an offended bird. "Do we get money for taking him out? 'Cause y'know, I'd be cool with that. Money's nice."

Iris shot a glare at him. "We're suppose to ESCORT him for money, not kill him!"

"We've already accepted a contract. It would be bad if we murdered the guy we're supposed to escort," said the Baron.

"I guess," sighed Ithlelis.

The merchant blinked and backed up, feigning covering his ears. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. It's not good to say such things period, though there's some leniency for drunks."

"OI," protested Ithelis. "I drank LAST night."

Phyrra waved off his protest. "Ith gets drunk all the time no worries."

"With this group, I need to!" With a sigh, the half-Urgan felt his stomach rumble. "I guess I should eat. Sometime. Maybe. What's the plan then?"

"I was considering writing a letter to my brother, Sultan Strawberry, to tell him under no uncertain terms is he better than me and that he is full of gay," said the Baron.

"We ARE eating!" Iris says to Ithelis as she takes another bite. "You're just too stubborn to eat egg."

"Ah so your brother is of the human word for it?Hm...Hum...hom... Hummuslover?"

Blackberry clarified. "Homogay, sir."

"Humolover...Yeah, that's the word! Also, I'm not eating egg. Bluh. So the fruit man takes pleasure in bringing discomfort to his blood relatives?"

"Sure. Let's go with that."

"I approve. There is a reason fruit man is the leader. He has noble goals. But anyway, I'll eat later. What are we doing? Other than bringing pain to the clan of Berry... What do you do in big towns like this anyway. Uh we"

"Well, Ithy, most activies in a town like this involve interacting with other people," the Baron explained. "So, clearly, it wouldn't be all that fun to you."

"Ugh. I don't know, lets go do that then. Inter...blech. Acting with others."

Iris' eyes widened. "Wait, Ithelis WANTS to interact with others?"

"Not really but I'm also bored and you all are of the chit chatty type. So majority overrules. ...Didn't someone mention something about the south?"

"Yeah, the lady at the guildhouse that you keep harassing. Anybody up for another adventure?"

"She's fun to get a rise out of. But ugh I guess."

"I have no issues with this. I feel like I need to stretch my legs, anyway. Besides, if something comes of it, I can add another item on the list of things my brothers can look at and despair."

"Just hoping there's nothing to fight," grumped the half-Urgan.

The Baron grinned. "What, like your immense urge to eat shift crystals?"

"Hopefully just a niiiice long walk and having to not kill the merchant guy," smiled Phyrra, eager to explore and possibly loot.

"Rude," scowled Ithelis. "Also you all aren't going to get anywhere without risks so PLEH. I still justify the crystal thing."

Agreeing on a course of action, they ventured out through the gates. They could see the wood of the wall was still in need of repair, but there were no woodsmen to be seen. Going south they passed by a great many trees, some of which have notches taken out of them by large claws. The sounds of birds and insects filled the air, as did the smell of moist earth. It must have rained sometime in the night. An hour passed and they began seeing flashes of grey through the trees at times. Something was certainly ahead.

"Man," the Baron said, looking around warily, "You guys get the feeling like you're being watched?"

Ith nodded. "This place unnerves me."

"I'm surrounded by you guys, of course I'm being watched," sighed Iris.

Phyrra, dragging her sword alongside her, took a look around.

The Baron shook his head. "No, this feels like the legendary lost Fruitsylvanian jungle of Itsatrap, first explored by my ancestor, the great Baron Reginald Rodriguez von Blackberry the Second, who defeated the dreaded white fire tiger of Itstrap with a German suplex."

Ithelis saw...something big, far ahead. It didn't seem to be moving, it was just the trees getting in your way that were occluding it. Phyrra saw dandelions. The baron found one more dandelion.

"Man, these dandelions are awesome," the Baron said.

Ithelis squinted, then pointed ahead. "Somethin' ahead."

They continued on, wary. Some distance, not even a quarter mile, and they entered a clearing of sorts to see...well, they'd never seen Shift before, but from what they've heard, this must be it. What could only be described as a wall of gray, blocking view further than a dozen or so meters ahead, extending some ways in either direction. Gray towers of some kind seem to shimmer in and out of vision, leaving them unsure that they saw anything at all. All noise seemed dampened in the area.

The Baron whistled upon seeing it. "That looks warm and inviting."

Ithelis' hand tightened on his blade, nervous.

"Yeah, VERY inviting huh?" Iris held her hand out to the wall and looked at Ithelis. "You wanna do the honors?"

"Maybe there's treasure..." Phyrra said, her head at nearly a 90 degree angle looking up. Phyrra saw the 'wall' crest some distance above her, showing blue skies above.

"Honors of what?" asked Ithelis.

Iris nodded at him. "Well if we're gonna go through it, why don't you be the first?"

"Oh well. Uh. Fine." Hand still on his blade, he continued into the wall.

Phyrra smirked at him. "You're welcome to try using those wings of yours, if they can handle you at all."

Ithelis passed into the foggy domain without difficulty. As he continued, he quickly was lost sight of.

The Baron exchanged glances with Pyrrha and Iris. "So, anyone want to go in after him?"

Iris walked through the wall behind him. "Come on you guys, like Ithelis said, we're not gonna find anything out unless we try stuff!" Iris couldn't help but admit that, for someone who ate a crystal, he actually did have some good thoughts occasionally

"Welp. Last one in's a rotten egg," the Baron said before he hopped through the wall like he was karate kicking it in.

"Pblblblb, FINE. But only because if he gets in trouble we'll have to bail him out either way." Phyrra came along, claymore drawn.

"But Phyrra already has rotten eggs! Or they will be if she doesn't eat 'em before they go bad!" laughed Iris.

"THEY'LL TASTE FINE," the Urganess shot back.

After a few minutes of searching, they regain the group. It was QUITE difficult to see in there. They began to understand why Shift was considered such a risk. Everything seemed...deadened to their ears. Even snapping a twig seemed to come from easily twice the distance. Several times they barely see a tree before they would have run into it. Eyes and ears both seemed burdened by the oppressive fog.

"Well, I'm sure there were worse ideas than coming in here, but for the life of me, I can't think of any right now," the Baron said to himself.

Ith drew a pattern in the air with a glowing finger, as an attempt to possibly do something to the fog. Ithelis focused his will and brought about an illuminating orb, trying to push back the oppressive shade. He could feel...something taking more of a toll on his mana reserves than it should, and the orb seemed dimmer than expected.

Feeling more drained than he should, he observed his handiwork. "Damn it." It seemed to not affect the fog of Shift at all. "That's..not going to work. Augh."

"I wonder if you could fly over this mess..." Phyrra mused out loud.

Ithelis looked around. "I uh. Can try if you guys'd like."

"Me too...I GUESS." Phyrra stretched her wings out and attempted to get a better grasp of the situation!

Ithelis took a running leap. He struggled and sort of, almost, began to lift off before he pulled a muscle in his left wing and faceplanted the earth. A muffled cry of pain came from the earth as his wings lay splayed out.

Phyrra, on the other hand, managed to clear enough ground to come up to the Baron's head level before she could not continue, tiring quickly.

Iris went over to Ithelis and helped him up. "You alright?" Ith wheezed sharply in response, spitting out a chunk of earth in the process.

"I know you're a hungry guy but dirt just isn't healthy for you Ithy."

Attempts at circumnavigating the fog over, they continued in. Strange, watery howls sort of echoed, but the deadening effect of the fog made it exceedingly difficult to pinpoint a source or distance.

Some length of time passes - how much, they weren't sure - before a real gray wall shot up past their vision before them. Ithelis, who's sight was pretty fucked over by both pain and the fog, beelined straight into it on accident. "Oof...F..f..FOUnnd..somefin."

The Baron reached out to the wall and poked it with his finger. "Yup. That's solid."

"My dose.." moaned the halfling.

Iris went over to Ithelis once again. "You alright? Goddamn, you're rather accident prone when you're not trying aren't you?"

"I'M FINB. Why's there a WALL. I AM SO OVER WALLS."

Phyrra started knocking around on the wall, looking for some kind of sign or door.

Growling, Ithelis pointed his finger at it in a gun gesture, ready to blast it to kingdom come if need be.

The rock-like wall spread out before them, beyond their limited sight in this Shift. Cracks were spread through much of its surface, but it seemed able to support its own weight, at least. Investigating it past the boundaries of their starting point, there were regular openings in it roughly every five meters, all above ground and squared.

Taking note of the openings, Ithelis lowered his hand. No blast fun for now. Then thinking to himself, he raised his hand again. "Not roomy enough". He fired off some more light in a concetrated beam because fuck it, he was mad.

The Baron looked at the openings... and then looked at tiny, tiny Phyrra.

Some of the openings had metal framework still in them, shot through with corrosion. Ithelis' light blasted some chunks of the rock free, and some settling noises could be heard, but this wall seemed to take his beating and laugh at him, still standing strong. The apertures were almost exactly a meter on each side.

Phyrra was oblivious to the fruitman's plotting, she instead started poking at the openings with her claymore looking for something that would give.

Sighing, Ithelis began to make his way through one of the openings, bad wing dragging behind him. "Rrgghh."

Ithelis displaced some of the metal, pieces crumbling to dust from the interaction, and found himself in a room of some sort. Rotted material on the floor offered some padding, like moss. Strange metal shapes hung from the ceiling. Scattered throughout were frames of what may have been seats at one point.

Coughing from the dust, Ithelis looked around. "Gloomy. Rocks fall, Ithy doesn't die," mused the halfling as he began to feel himself around the room.

As if the Shift possessed a sense of humor, a piece of the ceiling no bigger than a thumb thumped onto his head. A loud string of curses rolled smoothly from the half-Urgan. "Fucking room."

Phyrra crawled in and started looking around, shifting things with her sword on the ground. "It smells....pungent."

Iris climbed in as well and looked around. The Baron had also climbed in, though he was cautious and wary of his surroundings. He was on edge. All around them was the decayed room, aged long past the point of stink. Now it only smelled of dust.

Ithelis reached up in an attempt to touch one of the hanging metal shapes. "Huh."

Phyrra eyed the hanging fixture. "It's probably best not to touch anything. I don't trust it, it looks...old."

Oddly, they can see the far end of the room clearly here, some length away. The Shift seemed not to block sight within the confines of the walls. A door leading back out was on the left wall from them, and a stairway on the right. Near the stair was another doorway of some kind, shut. The hanging metal creaked and looked ready to fall as Ithelis fiddled with it.

Ith quickly stopped, aware of the creaking. "I guess...I'm going through the door." Ithelis struggled with the closed inner door, but it was rusted shut. The metal was jagged enough that it cut his hand, leaving an inch long gash in his palm. Ithelis swallowed down a cry, feeling sick.

"I guess I'LL try you goddamn weakling," sighed Phyrra as Ithelis failed utterly. Phyrra tried her own luck, but the door still refused to open. Phyrra KICKS THE DOOR in frustration.

Enraged, Ithelis gritted his teeth and smacked his foot against the door as well.

"I guesssssssssss we can try the stairs?" says the tiny Urgan, giving up.

Baron von Blackberry tries his luck as well. Perhaps the other two had loosened it up? The door squeaked and started to give, but the Baron was flummoxed as well. Maybe if he had someone working at the same time...and Ithelis' foot rang against the metal to no effect.

The Baron looked at Phyrra and Ithelis, "All three of us, together."

Ithelis nodded and prepared himself. "Right."

Between the three of them, they finally managed to wedge the door open. Much to their surprise, the doors seemed to slide sideways into the walls, demonstrating part of the problems they were having. Inside was...darkness, like inside a large box. Putting weight in it made the box shift up and down, creaking with an ominous echo.

Ithelis raised his injured hand and gingerly drew more signs in the air, to illuminate the room hopefully. His light did manage to illuminate the room. It was a metal box, the floor covered with a similar moss-like material like outside in the main room. Above the door were odd symbols, and to one side of the door was a crumbling panel of some kind. Between the light blast earlier and the illumination now, Ithelis felt his mana drained further.

Phyrra tapped a single foot against its floor timidly. The box shifted again, the creaking loud from above.

"I'm tired of seeing that pathetic sight, lemme see your hand." Iris grabbed his hand and pulled out a medical bag to help patch up his wounds. He flinched at her touching him.

The Baron's instincts told him that the box was a bad place full of bad things, but he didn't exactly know why. Phyrra threw a pebble into the room and watched. She clearly had no idea. The pebble bounced around, making a tinny echo. It did not incur the creaking.

"Something's making it creak. But what.." the red-haired Urganess mused.

Ithelis shrugged. "Try a bigger pebble?"

"Maybe...we should stick MORE ROCKS IN THERE."

"I'm interested in that crumbling thing. Over there."

"Orrrr...takethestairs." Cowering away from the scary claustrophoia-inducing box, Phyrra headed in that direction.

Ithelis stayed, curiosity piqued too far to move. "I wanna know what those ruins are all about. Well, if this fucks up then you can rejoice in the fact that I'm gone or some shit." Ithelis gingerly placed his toes on the floor of the room.
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